The LORKEN-TECH company established in 1996 as a representative of German production factories of paints and varnishes, gained its experience and started its individual production in 1998.

Today, based on the over 20-years experience acquired from our partners and our own knowledge we are working in two independent industry sectors including both production of paints and varnishes and machining (since 2000).

Both of these sectors are very important to us because they give us the opportunity to develop on various levels of industry and nowadays’ market needs.

The sector of paints and varnishes is the company’s longest-running department.

The sector related to machining and production of details for the metallurgical or autmotive industry, although created later, is also developing dynamically.

Highly qualified team of constructors and technicians face up the challenges posed by our customers and find the solutions to meet their unique needs.

To meet new challenges, we always try to work on modern technologies in both of our departments.

Individual aproach to each new challenge posed by our customers is very significant to us. Our clients use the services of both our departments regularly bringing us great satisfaction of.

We encourage everyone to familiarize with our offer.


Lorken-Tech team